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Fazer Blue Chocolate Bar - Fazerin Sininen, 200g Fazer Marianne chocolate mint candy bag, 220g Larssons Tra Swedish Elf, small, red
Aarikka CHRISTMAS TREE Table, Wall or Window Decor, ecru white Aarikka Frost Elf PILKKIPAKKANEN (Fishing Elf) Table Decoration, white/grey Larssons Tra Swedish Christmas Elf 'Jalle', red, tall
Aarikka PIPARITAHTI (Gingerbread Star) Tree Decoration Aarikka TONTTU MERRY X-MAS ELF Table Decoration Lapuan Kankurit PORO Tea Towel, white/black, linen cotton blend
Aarikka SUOMITONTTU (Finland Elf) Table Decor, red Aarikka Tonttusetti (Elves) Christmas Tree Decor, set of two elves FinnTrade Gift Card
Lapuan Kankurit METSIKKO (Forest) Tea Towel, white/gold, linen/cotton Lapuan Kankurit USVA Napkin or Tea Towel, red, 100 % washed linen Lapuan Kankurit USVA Napkin / Tea Towel, linen colour, 100 % washed linen
Vallila Interior Designer Mug OULU, white/bright red/grey, 3.5 dl Lapuan Kankurit SARA Blanket, 100% wool, spruce green/white Lapuan Kankurit TERVA Hand Towel, aspen green
Vallila Interior OULU Designer Mug, white/bright red/grey
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Fazer GEISHA Chocolate Bar with soft hazelnut filling, 121g Venla Lapland Elf Table Decoration, handmade in Finland Aarikka STAR AND HEART Wooden Decoration, ecru white

Aarikka Sauna Elf PYYHE with a towel, colour linen Aarikka Sauna Elf VIHTA Table Decoration, colour linen Larssons Tra Swedish Elf with beard TOMTEFAR SUNE, red
Larssons Tra Swedish Elf TOMTE TAGE, white/grey Aarikka ELF DOOR Table, Door or Wall Decoration Aarikka CHRISTMAS TREE Table, Door or Window Decor, GREEN/ecru
Aarikka CHRISTMAS TREE Table, Door or Window Decor, RED/ecru Aarikka Frost Elf KULTASYDAN (with golden heart) Table Decoration, ecru white Aarikka Frost Elf LAKKI Table Decoration, ecru white